Everyday architecture is the well organised kitchen, the winter sun flooding your favourite reading room and the simplicity of a bathroom that stays crisp and clean. 

We enjoy the idea of adding value to space. We intend to make your living space desirable by enhancing your daily activities.  

We specialize in renovation and custom design of living spaces for everyday use. 


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Architectural Services


Do you need a bespoke design package for your property?

We provide full architectural services to enhance your personal vision and identity of everyday living. 

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Everyday Architecture has set out to demystify architecture by packaging Architectural products that service Everyday needs. Please contact us if you would like a bespoke package that is more suited to your specific needs.

We also provide property potential reports that can assist you in assessing properties and unlocking future potential.

The packages outlined on this website is subject to the following:

  • Old Buildings - exterior changes to historic buildings (older than 60 years) require extra documentation and reviews from Heritage societies. An additional cost is linked to this process.

  • Accurate existing plans is a necessity, if the plans are not up to standard or inaccurate - we will need to survey the property at an additional cost.

  • Local Authority approval is a requirement for all building work in South-Africa. While we take pride on the speed of approval on our submissions we have achieved (typically 3-8 weeks), it is impossible to guarantee an exact time frame for the approval process.

  • Construction - we cannot be held liable for any damage or injury during the construction process. We can give advice on suitable contractors / health and safety officers / engineer consultation / construction insurance and building contracts to safeguard the client and to minimise risk.

  • The final quote and payment terms will be accepted once the quote and client agreement has been signed by both parties. This contract is based on the South African Institute of Architects' client architect agreement and is an accepted contract that provides protection for both architect and client.

  • Our packages include costs of travel within 20km of Cape Town CBD (thereafter AA rates apply), printing is included for the design package (A3 document) and also council submission printing is included. If more hard copies are requested this will be at an additional cost.

Matter Architecture Team 

  • Mias Claassens SACAP PrArch 24750104

  • Jaco Bruwer SACAP PrArch 21338

  • Johann Gerhard Böhmer SACAP PrArch 21709

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